Introducing the Plants


So we are back again, with some special guests we’d like to introduce to you:

That‘s right. We’ve got some plants here in the atrium and we have got their proud owners lining up to talk to us about their stories.

Hello, I’m Carex, I’m a sort of grass, and we grasses have been around ever since the beginning of earth, but millions of years have passed away and more and more of us emerge around the world, some of us like heat, some us rather colder places, some of like rather colder places, some of us like dry places, some of us like really wet places. I have currently around 2.000 siblings living around the world. I unfortuntonately don’t know all of them, but right now I’m the atrium grass, I’m living here in your atrium and you have to water me, but not too much, you have to give me a cool temperature, but not a too cool temperature, also hot temperature but not too hot temperature, so… I’m pretty moderate. Just love me, because I’m a baby plant after all.

Hello everybody, I’m going to introduce Eluis. Eluis is actually a very lonely plant, but she likes to be lonely. It’s a quite difficult situation at the moment for her now because she’s surrounded by other plants. She has an eclectic taste, is rather old and I hope she is able to adapt to this situation here, but Eluis also has travelled a lot. So maybe she tells the others some stories, and maybe, … I hope it’s a new beginning for her.
So please, all must support Eluis.

I’m the banana plant. We are a very prolific family, and you can find our babies in almost all of the world’s supermarkets, no matter what the season, even though we only naturally live in the tropics. And actually, did you know that we are in fact a species of gras so we are related to the Carex, which is below the bottom and also to the rice that you eat and the wheat. In the mountains in Thailand they would cut us down to make compost, because we would come up again within a few weeks, so we are a very resilient family. Please do take care of me though here because this is not the tropics and we don’t know what happens in this atrium.

This is my plant, John, he is an Adagio and he is pretty grassy. I first found him amongst the other grass near to my house. What was different about John, was that every day I came home, he had moved a little bit closer to my house and so one day he was sitting at my doorstep like a parcel. Naturally I helped him make his next step in his life and took him inside. He needs minimal care and is lovely to have around.

The last plant we will introduce to you is called Aeschynanthus. Aeschynanthus comes from the Greek word … and means flowers that were blooming in bright red color. Of course, what we have here is an evergreen example. Her name is Gerda. Gerda is one the side a fun mate to hang it with. That’s what she does. She just hangs out in the atrium all the time. And, on the other side she is very emotional. She easily gets emotional and caught up in things. So she might not be the right one to catch on your problems, but maybe you will tell her about her successes, your love life all the good stuff.