Atrium Radio: So, that brings us to the end of our first ever atrium radio life session here in the HCU Atrium. Thank you for listening online and here in the atrium and thank you for everyone who took part. Thank you to our amazing cooks, who made the amazing breakfasts. We came up with this idea only a few days ago and we hope it illustrates a permanent student inspired voice in order to challenge the way we use our public spaces here at the university. Emphasis on public, these spaces are for us. So we should be nurturing how it develops and grows. If you are interested in getting involved, would like to have our further information please take one of the free hand outs documenting what we did during this week and outlining how you can get involved. Come and take one. We’d be glad to have a regular of broadcasting issue related or non-related to HCU for that matter. So that’s it: The ball is rolling. Water those plants!