What to do in the Atrium?

Interviewing passers-by

Sophia: Now we have an intervention on how to behave in the atrium. Hi, what’s your name?
Adrian: My name is Adrian.
Sophia: Do you miss the old atrium?
Adrian: What do you mean by »old«?
Sophia: One week ago.
Adrian: Oh, not really, I prefer the one I’m walking in now.
Sophia: Would you recommend dancing in the atrium?
Adrian: I would together with some music.
Sophia: So, bring some music to the atrium!

Sophia: Hey Nate, what’s the craziest thing you ever did in the atrium?
Nate: Wow, I’ve only been here a week. We’ve been having pizza on the floor, just chilling, doing some re-arranging of the furniture. It’s been pretty crazy stuff.

Sophia: Hi, what’s your name?
Marian: My name is Marian.
Sophia: You are walking through the atrium and seam to have an awesome idea on how the space could be used. You think again and think »Oh my god, it’s a stupid idea.« Than you go home and tell no one. What should you have done?
Marian: Oh, I should have told somebody.
Nate: You should tell it to the radio.

Nate: Imagine you are walking through the atrium. You see a plant in desperate need of water, what do you do?
Sophia: I think you should start crying heavily and water them with your tears. No, for real now. We have developed a special pump, which allows you to go high up to the ceiling.

Buongiorno a tutti. Stiamo ascoltando Atrium Radio. Trattiamo argomenti riguardanti l‘Università HafenCity, suoniamo musica fresca e includiamo informazioni sull‘educazione, oltre ad alcune pause spensierate. Buon divertimento!