How to read this documentation

The following is an attempt at depicting the processes, the work and the contemplation about community development, which occurred over the course of a semester from October 2012 until March 2013. It is a process that is still ongoing. As we write this, a skeleton resembling an experimental playground, composed of recycled scaffolding, roofs made of tarps and sails, capsules sealed by firehoses, is standing in the yard of the UdN. The following, therefore is a depiction of the process and subjective experiences of eight individuals, all of whom were actively involved in the development of the Hotel? Wilhelmsburg.
It should be read as a reflection of a group of individuals coming from diversity of cultural, linguistic and disciplinary backgrounds, as a collection of their stories. Given the collective nature of the project, and its documentation, there may be variances in usage of terms and phrases. We consider this our strength – the project therefore depicts an experience of community building both, between the participants and as well as between those living in Wilhelmsburg. Further reference, and more detailed explanations of the International Workshops #1 and #2, as well as the Wednesday Dinners can be found in the Urban Design Department of the HafenCity University.
Starting with our first overnight stay on the grounds of the UdN, then delving into experiences we had during the hotel project, we will conclude with the international building workshops. This documentation places especial emphasis on the programming which students where working towards, such as the theoretical development of job profiles, organizational structures, economic models and the evolution and practice of communicating the project by means of public relations.
In the tradition of the Neighborhood’s University, we hope this documentation gives insight into the "Ermöglichungsräume" which emerged between our group and and those in the neighborhood.