International Workshop 2: Organisation Service Facilities

The Beginning of an Open Process

In the first workshop, one group developed different scenarios on washing and organising the laundry in the hotel. They dealt with questions like Which facilities are needed to get the job done for different laundry amounts? Can everything happen in the hotel or do we need an external service partner to wash the laundry, or is it just some help from the neighbourhood? During the three-day workshop, the complexity increased in the same way as the organisational structure's graphic. The focus was to find a local solution, which means finding local partners and people who may help us?

"We are here, and we want to go there, and there are a lot of different ways to go there. Different scenarios because it changes if we have five guests or fifty guests." – Tim K.

  • sketches produced during the workshop

  • scenarios for different possibilities

  • internal group presentation

  • developing scenarios in group work