Looking for an identity. Benjamin Förster-Baldenius Week

After the main building and the first units were settled, the work with “Benny” focused on the qualities of the spaces already build. How to nest, within the uniform scaffoldig structure, spaces with particular identities? At first the work on the single units already built had to be refined, at least one of the capsules should have been ready in order to start with the caracterisation of the space.

The "Storyteller" project started in Ton Matton's Workshop was developed further more and applied to the interior design of the capsules. Each room had an associated story collected in the neighbourhood. Old furniture was harvested and new objects were designed by a special Interior Design team to materialize the stories in every room so that the guests would enter directly into a world of stories of Wilhelmsburg. This storytelling concept was then expanded to the whole UdN building by Ana Rosa who painted the outdoor and some indoor walls like a blackboard so that everyone could shared their own stories and thoughts, transforming the facades into "speaking walls" for the hotel guests and for the neighbours.

Like in the previous architecture project, finally a part of the roof was removed to connect the new structure with the existing building. In this new spot a special space, “the gipsy room” was build. A wooded vault was added to shape the roof like a Caravan, recalling a well known character of the neighbourhood.

To complete this characterisation process in the outdoor, a big tent was hung over the whole structure, as a protection and as a landmark for the Hotel.