The Collecting & Switching Water Idea

Melih and Christopher constructed a system that stores rainwater on the roof. This water is filtered naturally and can then be used to take a shower (see Adrian on the following pages). In Germany it is not common to use rainwater for showering; it is usually drained directly to the sewage system. The statement is not that everyone should shower with rainwater, to do this, it rains probably too little, it is instead to develop an altered perspective on the use of resources. Almost all sub-projects in the workshop have questioned the current use of resources. Because not only in a low-budget project, all resources are a scarce commodity. That means we need to change our behaviours and have to deal with what is at our disposal. So one might say, the task of architecture is "designing social behaviour ", as Ton Matton said.

  • Changed social behavior: "Actually, it‘s not that bad!“,said Adrian, the half-naked guy in the photo while he took a shower outside at 2 degrees Celsius.

  • Ton starts to collect ideas relating to the hotel that he painted directly on the wall with chalk. The chalk he has previously purchased unceremoniously in a shop in Wilhelmsburg. One idea ist the storryteller idea.