Take 1_

Second Skin

In the first experience of staying on site of the UdN students followed a set of rules and slept at site of the future Hotel Wilhelmsburg. By documenting their experiences, sleeping in a common space, cooking and eating together a sense of community emerged between the participants. The act of grocery shopping became a means to first interacting with people in the neighborhood, and developing a social and spatial perception of the surrounding Reiherstiegviertel.

Rules of the experiment

For the first overnight stay in preparation of the Hotel Wilhemsburg we were given a set of rules to follow. These were explained as follows : Organizing an overnight stay with half pension, which includes breakfast and dinner. Everyone should dress especially warm and according to the weather. Prohibited are tents, cars, camping trailers and such. Allowed are sleeping matts
& air mattresses, sleepingbags and hay. The inside of the UdN building is off limits and will remain locked during the site inspection. The UdN will function merely as sculpure or battery (providing electricity). All preparations should take place between now and the coming Saturday. Important: The neighbors can be included in the process. Decisions will be made by the entire group.