Take 2_

Playing Guest

What does it take to have 5-Star Quality? In the search for spaces of comfort.

After the second skin, it meant going one step further to look at real hotels to see how it works. As the second skin night experience helped us understand the basic needs of a hotel, we now choose to go to 5-star hotels and have a live experience. What are the basic requirements for a 5-star hotel? Playing guests in a luxurious hotel was our method of understanding the difference when you are a guest between a standard hotel and a 5-star quality hotel.

From the beginning of this take to the presentation of the research, only 2 weeks were given to us to focus on it. New groups had formed from the second skin night (organised according to the essential functions of sanitary/food/reception/socialisation/ sleeping).

Each group had a different process of researching. But the main point was that all used methods of first-hand experience, and live research to gather knowledge.