Life Experience

The research on this task was mainly based on "Live Experience". Each group went to different 5 star hotels. First, in order to see what it is about, and to experience how it feel to be a guest. The only group which had a different approach was the socialisation group. The main reason is that there are no socialisation activity in a hotel.


For the sanitary group the idea was to experience and research everything concerning the sanitary part of a hotel. From showers to toilets, from spas to saunas and chilling areas.


Those in the food group looked at the culinary supply, kitchen organisation and tableware in high quality restaurants.


For the reception, the group decided to have a coffee in a 5 star hotel and to observe how the reception would function. Plus one of the teammebers had a cousin in her family who is actually working at a reception in a hotel.
By conducting an interview they could learn from her live experience.


The sleeping group looked at the exemple of a capsule hotel in japan. And based on the live experience of Bernd Kniess of it.


The socialisation group had to look to some similar exemple. Those similar structure they looked at were luxurious places were the main activity is based on socialisation, like member clubs (which was live experienced by one of the member of the group). And the group quickly made the connection with Glamping, which was related with the experience of the second skin but with high standard comfort.

Map of on site experiences

The research for take 2 "five star hotel" was a combination of different types of live experiences, on site research as well as personal past experience and interviews.

For take 2 one main point for the research was to open the possibilites of research as much as the group could. To open the possibilities was in fact apropriate since being a host is different from each culture and because the hotel project is both located in an ethnically diverse and multicultural community, and actively formed by participants from various cultural backgrounds. For example, look to past personal experience which was considered as close as possible to the idea of luxurious. Not only luxurious in terms of aspect but also in terms of feeling. Like playing games on a cinema screen is not necessarly luxurious but the feeling of playing on such a big screen. Or being in a capsule hotel with such a minimal standard that it make you forget about society...

One point that was really important for this live experience research was the interview of a profesional. One of the group member‘s cousin is a receptionist in a hotel in Frankfurt.
And interviewing her about her inner experience in a hotel was probably the most helpful part for making conclusion on how it is to be a proper host in a hotel (like for exemple to be prepare before a guest checking and to know as much as information on the client).

It was research on all of these levels, which brought us to the ultimate conlusion: luxury is in the details.