Is There A Conclusion?

After the end of the building workshops, there was a timelapse to understand how to continue the hotel project. With the new semester the old "Project students" would leave and a new IKP course would start focusing on the "Küchensalon".

On the building side, many capsules had to be finished and protected from the rain and, the most important, the winter garden, started in the Workshop weeks, had to be built. A building team of students has been set to take care of the next building steps. At the same time, new workshops have been taking place. An International Workshop in May where the Wintergarden was finished finally ended and is now the further UdN expansion into the neighbourhood and the adjacent Rotenhäuserfeld where dinners, concerts and an experimental cafe are taking place.

The Tree House workshop has started again, but this time instead of using the trees, the "houses" are hanging on the scaffolding structure of the Hotel. Introducing soft tensed designs in the squared scaffolding grid, the hotel Architecture has to transform itself again, from wooden capsules to knitted cocoons.

From the 15th of July to the 2nd of August a new edition of the International Building Workshop will start and probably change the whole Hotel configuration another time, challenging us to think the architecture of the Hotel as the Hotel's Organisation itself: an open process where everyone can enter at some point of the story and modify its course.