Introducing the Radio


Hello, you are listening to Atrium Radio. We cover topics concerning the HafenCity University, play fresh music and include education information as well as some light-hearted breaks. Enjoy!
Sophia: We are Nate and Sophia. Its’ that you are here and enjoying with us. We are breakfasting here. It’s the closing event of the masterclass with Momoyo Kaijima, a Japanese architect from Atelier Bow-Wow and Professor at the ETH Zurich. We’d like to make quick shout-out to the other teachers Bernd Kniess and Christoph Heinemann as well as to our president Walter Pelka who is joining in on our breakfast and to our sponsor Christian Roggenbuck, who is representing Max Hoffmann.
The atrium has been a common space to meet and exchange ideas among inhabitants and guests in Roman times. A fountain at the center gave the place the sense of nature and stands functionally and spiritually as a symbol for the sustainability of space and community. Over time the use and meaning of the atrium has been transformed, but it is still present in the global architectural production – especially in numerous buildings of the HafenCity in Hamburg. These spaces are wide, open and empty. Their potential is hidden behind their representative function.
When we started analyzing the atrium we discovered several things: right now, the atrium of the HafenCity University is used mostly as a transfer zone, which is really sad, since space has many qualities such as light, use, sound and is architecture wise connecting different parts of the university as well as inside and outside. With this installation we wanted to two things: first, to give the space a homely appearance, which invites you to linger to rally make use of the present qualities; second, as a programme, we think that the university has a lack of inner publicness. In German you would say »ein Fehlen von Öffentlichkeit«. What we need is the opportunity to give a voice to every member of the university. Therefore, we founded the Atrium Radio, to which you are listening this very moment. We are streaming life right now, but you will be able to listen to it later on as well. The thought is to make this a continuing programme, which everyone can join in on, but for now enjoy the song.

Moin, moin! Ihr hört gerade Atrium Radio. Wir beschäftigen uns mit den Themen HafenCity Universität, spielen frische Musik und bieten euch Programm mit informativen Stellen so wie unbeschwerten Pausen. Habt viel Spaß beim Zuhören!

Atrium Radio: Now we are going to take a quick look at the weather. We have Lisa as our correspondent for the inside and Torben for the outside.

Lisa Marie Zander: Everyone is invited to get breakfast. We have fresh eggs! So, we have Dominique here, who prepared the weather report for the next three days.

Dominique Peck: Well, thanks so much Lisa. We are here live on the 24th of August, it’s Friday, shortly after 6.00 am. The weather today is a bit cloudy, it’s 28°, but you don’t need a pullover or a jacket, you just can stay in your T-Shirt and feel comfy all around. The same goes for Saturday and Sunday it’s 34° at the high and 27° at the low and Sunday is gonna be super sunny. You can just prepare for a fresh and relaxed weekend with your loved ones.